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Message from Chairperson October 2021

Message from Chairperson, CHIJ Board of Management

We are grateful for the blessings we have received this year. As we draw a close to the school year in 2021 we use this time to take stock. Here is a message from Ms Vivienne Lim, Chairperson IJ Board of Management.
Echoing Ms Lim’s message, we at OLGC will continue to be committed to  develop our students holistically.

2021 has been a year of challenge, but also a year from which we can draw joy. Covid-19
continues to affect the way we live, work and play. But it has also provided the opportunity for
us to show how we rise above such challenges. Nor does it dampen our spirit to honour the
legacy of those who came before us to build what we have today. Indeed, more so than ever, in
the midst of uncertain times, we look back with greater gratitude for the institutions that have
been built for us over the years in the CHIJ schools, through the love and service of our Founder,
Blessed Nicolas Barré and the Infant Jesus sisters. It is with thankful hearts that we celebrate
the 400th Anniversary of the birth of Blessed Nicolas Barré and 200 years of the Catholic Faith in

Blessed Nicolas Barré gave his life to help the disadvantaged, and established the first free
schools in France for girls in poverty. Through his wholehearted commitment and trust in God,
Blessed Barré inspired many dedicated young women who later became known as the Infant
Jesus Sisters, who set up many schools across France and other parts of the world to continue
Blessed Barré’s vocation of providing and giving. Today, we remain moved and inspired by
Blessed Nicolas Barré’s love for God and by his dedication to the most vulnerable.

From its very inception, Catholic education and service to the community go hand-in-hand and
side-by-side. Today, guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, CHIJ Our Lady of
Good Counsel continues to nurture her students so that they may feel the fullness of God’s love,
be grateful and are empowered to serve as citizens and leaders of society, especially in serving
the disadvantaged. As Archbishop William Goh said in his Prayer for Catholic Schools, Catholic
schools understand that our mission is to nurture our students “to their fullest potential, to be the
unique individuals that God has created them to be”. In this light, CHIJ Our Lady of Good
Counsel will continue to work hard at forming her students to acquire knowledge and values, as
well as use their God-given gifts for the service of humanity.

I would like to thank the school leaders, teachers, parents and alumnae for your love for our girls,
so that they may feel the full support of the school community and their families, as they are
nurtured to live out the values of Christ, and gain strength through prayers and reflection.

Let us be guided by our IJ motto, “Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty”, as we continue to build
on the foundations that our Founder Blessed Nicolas Barré and all our forebearers have forged
for us.

May God continue to bless CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel, her leaders, staff, students and
parents, as always.

Yours in Christ

Ms Vivienne Lim
CHIJ Board of Management