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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

The PROActive Leader In Me - Student Leadership Development

We envision our pupils to be PROActive Leaders who take Pride in themselves, their work and school, Responsibility in building their character, Ownership of their learning and responsibilities and take up an Active role to lead their school and serve their community within and beyond school. We firmly believe our pupils can serve with Compassion and Humility and lead with Integrity and Perseverance.


In line with our vision of developing our students to be PROActive leaders of the future, we provide opportunities for all our students to assume leadership roles in the classroom and at school level.

All class and student leaders are to attend Induction training to equip pupils with knowledge and skills so an to enable them to fulfil their leadership roles and responsibilities.

P4 and P5 student leaders are to undergo training based on the Five OLGC Leadership Principles:

a)         Personal Character: As student leaders, you are role models to champion school values.  You lead yourself before you lead others!

b)         Positive Self-Image: You must see value in yourself and add value to yourself. How you see yourself is how others see you.

c)         Stand Up and Influence: As student leaders, you take a firm stand to uplift others. Leadership is influence.

d)         Connecting with Others: Leadership is connecting with others and building positive relationships. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

e)         Failing forward: Fall down 7 times and Stand Up 8. Failure is an inevitable part of life; how you define failure shapes your response to any setbacks or challenges.


All student leaders will be grouped accordingly to their roles and tasked with a project to apply their skills and knowledge acquired from their training and to develop them to be gracious and confident OLGC ambassadors ready to serve with Compassion and Humility and lead with Integrity and Perseverance.