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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I find information on the school services? 
You may click here for the link.

Q2. What are the recess time?

Primary 19.25 am to 9.55 am
Primary 2
9.55 am to 10.25 am
Primary 310.25 am to 10.55 am 
 Primary 4  10.55 am to 11.25 am
 (Snack break at 9.00 am)
 Primary 5 9.00 am to 9.25 am
 Primary 68.35 am to 9.00 am 

Q3. What are the main gate opening hours?

PeriodMain Gate
Side Gate at Crichton Close
Morning (Before School)6.45 am - 7.30 am6.45 am - 7.20 am
Afternoon (After School) 1.45 pm - 2.15 pm# 1.45 pm - 2.00 pm* 
Afternoon (After CCA) 4.00 pm - 4.30 pm Closed 

# Subjected to all school buses leaving the school compound.
* Only for students with official passes.

Q4. What is the dismissal time for students?

In the light of social distancing the school has staggered the dismissal timings.

LevelDismissal Timing
Primary 1 & 21.20 pm
Primary 3 to 61.30 pm

Q5. Where can i park my vehicle?

Due to safety considerations, please note that parking within the school grounds is not permitted unless authorised. Parking is available along the minor roads near the school (e.g.) Jalan Pacheli, Li Hwan Drive and Tai Hwan Drive. Please park discriminately and not park in front of school or residents’ gates. Do note also not to park in front of the side gate at Crichton Close as it is for emergency fire or rescue vehicle access. Please do not park within the Zebra Crossing Zone along Burghley Drive as it would impede the flow of traffic especially in the morning. Parking at the Church of St Francis Xavier is strictly for parishioners attending Mass.