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Robotics Club


Students will be able to be:

  • confident leaders who can effectively lead, communicate and work collaboratively with team-mates and display sportsmanship
  • passionate learners who can apply technology to real-life contexts
  • competent in problem-solving and come up with creative solutions


The Learning Foci (the 3Es):

  • Exposure: Students are exposed to real world problems to work on, apply their knowledge of Robotics and come up with plausible solutions. They are also exposed to the technical aspects of robotics through programming (logical thinking) and construction (critical thinking skills)
  • Experience: Students will experience how to plan their time and strategies during competitions, lead and mentor their juniors and participate in competitions that train their technical and soft skills
  • Expression: Students are to deliver knowledge of CCA content, skills and activities confidently, effectively communicate, plan and organise events by collaborating well with team members and apply skills learnt in Robotics in areas beyond competitions


The Robotics Club CCA provides opportunities for students to participate in competitions such as the Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition (APYRC), the National Robotics Competition (NRC), and the World Robo Tournament (WRT).Content


APYRC1st Runner-up in the Sumo category
 WRT2nd Runner-up in Best Teamwork