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InfoComm Club

From 2014 onwards, OLGC began her journey establishing an Infocomm Club. This is part of the outreach programme by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore in collaboration with Cyber Wellness Ambassadors initiated by Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education, Singapore.


The Infocomm Club aims to create an exciting and dynamic platform for students to learn about Information Technology.


Students will be exposed to relevant software skills through graphics editing, multimedia presentation, website-designing, poster-designing and game-making. They will apply their skills and techniques acquired in photography and videography through the various school events.

As members of the InfoComm Club, students are advocates of the positive use of technology. They are taught to become responsible digital learners through Cyberwellness sessions and be role models of positive peer influence by harnessing technology for collaboration, learning and productivity. The Cyberwellness Ambassadors (CWA) are selected members from our club. They champion the Cyberwellness activities in school, advocating safe and responsible digital learning during school events such as Cyberwelllness Week. They also raise the awareness of the risk and dangers online. 

Infocomm Club activities include training, project work, sharing and service to the community. The members of Infocomm Club learn to use a variety of media tools to come up with creative materials for different school activities and campaigns to promote cyber awareness. The club also works with other event committees and CCAs to provide photography services and create publicity materials.

Through the various activities, students practice patience, decision making, perseverance and understanding. Thus, shaping our girls into Ladies of Character, Leaders for Tomorrow.

Activities and Events

2016 SDMA Competition 
- Promotion of values in Integrity 

Cyberwellness Assembly 
- Promotion of Screen Time 

Cyberwellness week 2017 - 2019 
- Recess sharing on CyberSafety 

Collaboration with CHIJ Katong Convent 
- Working with CHIJ Katong Convent during CyberSmart day and our Cyber Wellness Week

Collaboration with Catholic Kindergarten 
- Sharing with Kindergarten children on the use of digital device 

Sharing at National (ACS-I)

Photography at SYF Celebrates 2018 - Youth Station
- Premiere of 2018 SYF Festival Songs & Official Launch of Youth Station
- Photography at SYF Celebrates 2018 - Youth Station 
- A live concert featuring songs written and performed by students

Photography at SYF Celebrates 2019 - Dance Extravaganza 
- Featuring dancers from various schools 
- Photography at SYF Celebrates 2019 - Festival Concert 
- A live concert featuring songs written and performed by students

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