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The Netball CCA has been newly introduced CCA in 2019. It was reopened since its closure due to PERI upgrading.


Students acquire new skills and learn the importance of teamwork, resilience and discipline. The CCA consists of only the Recreational Team currently as team members are relatively new to netball. However, the school is planning to expose them to Netball carnivals and friendly games. This is done so as to allow students to have a holistic experience as they meet new friends from other schools and interact with them through their love of the sport.

Key AreasSpecific SkillsPrimary 3Primary 4
Movement Skills
  • Balancing
  • Jumping/leaping/hopping 
  • Safe landing (one-footed and two-footed)   Pivoting
  • Sprinting 
  • Side-stepping 
  • Landing and balancing on the right foot, left foot and both feet 
 Ball Skills
  • Catching
  • Chest Pass
  • Shoulder Pass
  •  Introduction of one handed control
  • Bounce Pass
  • Lob (high ball) with one hand and two hands
Attacking Skills 
  • Straight Lead
  • Single dodge
  • Change of direction
Defending Skills 
  • Shadow movement
  • Hands over ball
  • Interception
  • Recovery to 3-feet
  • Defending the shot – leaning and jumping
  • Rebounding
Shooting Skills 
  • Basic shooting action 
  • Basic shooting action at increasing distance from the post 
  • Rebounding 
  • Basic centre pass and defence – one on one 
  • Basic throw-ins
 Netball Rules      
  • 3-feet rule
  • 3-second rule
  • Re-playing the ball

Training Structure

  • warm up: running, dynamic warm ups and stretches
  • strength and endurance: ladder drills, skipping, sprints
  • skills development: individual ball control drills, partner passing, team passing
  • game: 3v3, half court