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Bowling CCA provides both training for recreational and competition levels. In 2019, our school is partnering Agape Bowling Academy in providing the mastery of bowling skills and inculcating values in our students. 


Our training venue is Forte Bowl located within JForte Sportainment Centre. The training programme caters to various levels. Primary 3 and 4 form one training block, and Primary 5 and 6 form another. Within the blocks, the coaches and teachers will select students, based on their competencies and aptitude, to represent the school in the Singapore Primary School National School Games.

Training Structure

  • warm up by CCA leaders
  • proceed to their respective training groups
  • mastery in Finishing position, Sparing etc.
  • differentiated training: beginners will start off with a 1-step motion and they would slowly progress to adopt the 5-step motion

SPSSC Tenpin Bowling National
Claire En-Hui Faragalla
2nd in Junior Class (All Events)