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International Dance

The International Dance CCA started in 2015. From a group of merely 13 dancers, we have expanded our pool of talented dancers to above 50 dancers over the years. Our dancers, OLGC Sparkles, are very passionate and dedicated to the CCA and have been putting in their best during performances. Each dancer has unique talents that enable the CCA to grow.


Students will be able to:

  • appreciate and have the passion for the varied genres of dance
  • understand and apply the basic skills and steps of International Dance
  • learn and apply dance steps during internal and external performances
  • espouse school values, exhibit fair play, teamwork and discipline
  • understand that they are a part of the overall arts education programme


Super 24
SYF Arts Presentation
Certificate of Accomplishment
Hit the Mark Champion  2017
SYF Arts Presentation Certificate of Distinction 2016 
CNB DanceWorks! 2016  Merit Award
Artistic Merit Award
Best Costume

Activities and Events

Activity / EventsDescription
Serangoon National Day Dinner 2019
Students performed at The Serangoon Grassroots Organisations
July 2019
School Dance Showcase at Youths Celebrate! @ Gardens by the Bay
Students performed at Gardens by the Bay in celebration of Youth Festival, having a unique opportunity to perform under the SuperTrees at the SuperTree Grove
May 2017