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Drama And Literary Arts

To enhance the Applied Learning Programme (ALP), OLGC Drama and Literary Arts CCA was started to give students a platform for public speaking and acting. Having good communication and critical thinking skills are important 21st century competencies, Thus at OLGC, we aim to add depth to students’ learning with the intention that they develop these skills during their training sessions. During the CCA sessions, students’ get to strengthen their communication skills so that they can speak more persuasively and get to develop their confidence in public speaking.


We teach a range of vocal and speech techniques such as, diction, articulation, tone, accents and voice projection. In addition to these speech techniques, we also teach the girls drama techniques. These include mime, movement, characterisation, gestures and stage blocking. 

From the lessons and training, students would build self-esteem and increase their ability to adapt and improvise. Working together with members from the various grade levels would also enable students to learn leadership skills and build social awareness.

Training Structure

  • Light warm up and stretching
  • Spatial awareness games
  • Drama-based lessons and rehearsals for school-based/ external drama productions


International Science Drama Competition
Third prize in the finals
Best actress in the Junior Category
Speak Up! Kids Public Speaking Competition
2nd  Runner up2017

Activities & Events

Activities & EventsDescriptionDate
KidsConnect 2019 @ Playeum
Students performed in the performance category at pop up event KidsConnect which collaborates with Playeum, Children’s Centre for Creativity.
March 2019
Aesthetics Showcase @ OLGC Students performed during OLGC end of year Aesthetics Showcase. Nov 2017