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OLGC Choir CCA aims to enhance the overall arts education programme which provides opportunities for all students to be involved in the mastery of singing techniques. As such, students are given the opportunity to gain diverse skill sets, ranging from basic singing techniques to performance etiquette. They will also learn school values, teamwork and discipline as they develop into confident and accomplished stage performers when participating in various internal and external performances.


During CCA practice sessions, students are taught warming up techniques that enhance voice projection, breath control, articulation of lyrics in various languages and performance etiquette. They acquire sight reading skills thus gaining confidence in score literacy. With exposure to different music genres and performances, they develop an appreciation of the arts. 

Training Structure

  • Warming up
  • Application of singing techniques to new music scores
  • Feedback/Review


The choir partners parents, choir groups from other schools and the community. Parent volunteers actively help out during various performances and are very supportive in ensuring the girls’ commitment to the CCA. The choir also has choral exchanges with choir groups from other schools to build confidence and learn best practices. The community has invited the choir to perform and thus has provided various opportunities to showcase talents.


SYF Arts PresentationCertificate of Accomplishment
April 2018

Activities and Events

Activity / EventDescription
Students performed at the Botanical Gardens’ Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage. The concert was staged in support of the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources’ Climate Action Week and it  supported the National Environment Agency’s ‘Say Yes to Waste Less’ campaign.
20 July 2019
IJ 165th Anniversary Celebration
Students performed at the National Sports Hub in celebration of IJ 165th Anniversary
28 May 2019
Concordis Students took part in a 3-day camp where they attended masterclasses by instructors from various countries. They also participated in a performance cum choral exchange with the various schools that had taken part in the camp.  November 2017
 Voices of Singapore FestivalStudents had the opportunity to perform at CHIJMES  17 March 2017