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Chinese Dance

Chinese Dance CCA has been very active since its establishment in 1998. Since 1999, our Chinese dancers have started to participate in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and have done our school proud by clinching many awards. Beside that, our Chinese dancers are also given opportunities to perform in public so as to increase their exposure, broaden their horizons and to gain experience.


Students will be able to:

  • Appreciate the inherent nature of the Chinese dance and Chinese culture
  • Understand and demonstrate Chinese dance step, skill and technique
  • Cultivate teamwork and coordination between dancers in a dance performance


Skills & Knowledge taught:

  • Dance technique & movement quality
  • Synchronization and coordination that is appropriate and matching of body movement to music
  • Stage projection, poise & confidence
  • Projection of expression & emotion that are suited to the intent of the performance
  • Creativity and aesthetic quality

Training Structure

  • Warm up
  • Explanation and Demonstration of Techniques
  • Practice: Techniques
  • Rest/ Water Break
  • Learning dances / SYF competition dance training / Segmented dance training (Part 1)
  • Rest/ Water Break
  • Learning dances / SYF competition dance training / Segmented dance training (Part 2)
  • Relaxation Exercises and Review

Partnership with Parents

Parents of Chinese Dancers work closely with teachers-in-charge to provide support to the team in preparing the dancers for various performances and for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF).


SYF Arts Presentation
Certificate of Distinction
SYF Arts Presentation
Certificate of Accomplishment
SYF Arts Presentation Certificate of Distinction 2014
SYF Arts Presentation Gold 2012
SYF Arts Presentation Silver 2010
SYF Arts Presentation Gold 2008 

Activities and Events

Light Up Braddell Heights
Students performed at Braddell Heights CC in celebration of the National Day
Aug 2019
Chinese New Year Celebration
Students performed at the school in celebration of the Lunar New Year
Feb 2019
Honours Day Students performed at the school in celebration the achievements made by OLGC community Nov 2018