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Physical Education


Physical Education is integral to the holistic development of all pupils at CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel. Through its wide range of physical activities designed from the adaptation of the new PE syllabus, the school aims to:

  1. NURTURE passionate and creative learners who excel in physical skills and building of healthy lifestyle habits

  2.  DEVELOP every pupil with G.R.A.C.E. attributes

  3.  INFUSE learning of curriculum content and social emotional competencies with school values and key CCE messages

Pedagogical Approach Of Physical Education

3 Ds approach of Physical Education: Develop, Differentiate, Demonstrate

  1. Develop To provide broad based learning opportunities for all students to immerse in the learning of range of physical skills across the 6 learning domains (Sports and Games, Athletics, Outdoor Education, Educational Gymnastics, Dance, Physical Health Fitness) throughout six years in the school.

  2. Differentiate To provide every pupil with a customized learning experience according to individuals’ level of proficiency and confidence.

  3. Demonstrate To equip learners with application platforms for objective visualization of skills and self-assessment/feedback of the learning process


Teaching & Learning

With the full implementation of the new PE syllabus completed, the Primary 1 to Primary 6 curriculum now features a variety of modules consisting of athletics, sports and games, educational gymnastics, outdoor education, dance, physical health and fitness. Broad movement concepts, psychomotor skills and outdoor awareness are infused with the department’s 3D (differentiate, develop and demonstrate) pedagogical approach to ensure students reach their learning goals. The school adopts ICT tools (tablet-based video recording) with visible learning approaches to help our learners visualize and execute their movement skills with a strong sense accuracy and reliability.

PE Picture 1
PE Picture 2

Partnership in Learning

Through the partnership with Sport Singapore, the Swimsafer programme is a staple programme our P3 curriculum. The swimming lessons are integrated as part of their PE curriculum for 8 weeks and they are certified for various levels of swimming proficiency.

PE Swimming 1

PE Swimming 2

To promote Olympics values in physical education, pupils will participate in games and mass physical activities that reinforce the spirit of competitions. This also creates opportunities for values in action. Game stations are designed in the classrooms and pupils are motivated to challenge themselves.

PE Picture 3PE Picture 4

The school also has a fitness and healthy lifestyle programme (Dad & Mum FIT) designed with a parent centered approach, family based fitness goals are shared and achieved together to incentivise the OLGC Family to participate in a series of 4 fitness events over a semester.

Dad & Mum FITDad & Mum FIT

Dad & Mum FITDad & Mum FITDad & Mum FIT

Experiential Learning

The department also organizes the annual P5 Outdoor adventure camp to provide students with a hands-on experiential learning experience. The camp also focuses on building life skills and collaborative learning for students. Activities are designed with implicit school values and messages in place.

P5 CampP5 CampP5 CampP5 Camp

P5 Camp

CCA Programmes

A wide variety of CCA and enrichment programmes are offered, sports like Netball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Badminton and Bowling as well as Wushu allows our students to develop skills in individual and group settings while pupils also have the options in Aesthetics by participating in Chinese Dance, Indian Dance or Malay Dance, Art Club and Choir. There are also interest groups and societies like the Brownies, Green Club, EL Literary Club to develop life skills. Last but not least, to promote development in technological skills and learning, the school has the Info-Comm and Robotics Club to hone the pupils' creative and logical thinking ability.

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