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The department seeks to promote the learning of Mathematics through the elements of fun to engage students. During Math Fun@recess on Wednesdays, students play simple games or try out hands on activities designed and prepared by teachers and mums from the Mums’ club. P1 and P2 classes are taught to play Math games like Swamp Sum and Rummikub and encouraged to try out the Math activities at the Math Activity corner within the classroom. Through the playing of games, students are encouraged unconsciously to apply their Mathematics and thinking skills. 

To better engage our parents in their child’s learning of Mathematics, the department seeks to form a collaborative partnership with parents to promote parent-child bonding well as encourage parental support in their child’s learning in the area of Mathematics. The department has customised Parent-Child Home kits for P1 to P3 on selected topics for parents to work on with their child at home.  These kits comprised of board games, suggested activities and websites where parent and child can play and learn together.

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 Math Fun@ Recess Math Fun @ Recess
Use of Manipulatives for Learning