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Malay Language

A variety of activities are lined up to engage students in learning and to provide them with a strong foundation in the 6 skills of language; listening, speaking, reading, writing, oral and written communication. To achieve the skills, students will be taught to hone their skills in the art of dancing, singing, acting and hosting as to enhance their language competency and to provide them with opportunities to embrace the beauty of Malay language and culture.

The programmes and activities that the department engages students in are as follows:

LevelEnrichment Programme
P1-P2Speech & Drama Workshop
(acting through music and dancing)
P3-P4Speech & Drama Workshop
(story telling through drawing, acting and from an origami)
 P3-P5ML cultural camp 
 P3-P6Learning journey to ML Performance ‘ Tracing Singapore History through Malay Music’
LevelMT Fortnight Activities
P1-P6Arabic Writing (Let’s Series)
(Writing the word integrity in Arabic character)
P3-P4Playing traditional games (bola raga)
P1-P2  Playing traditional games (Nenek-nenek Si Bongkok Tiga)
P4-P6Learning journey to Media Corporation
(an interactive journey through the world of media and broadcasting of a TV show,  a radio DJ and a news presenter )
 P1-P4Sharing of local stories by an invited storyteller