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Malay Language


Conversant and competent students in the use of Malay language with a passion for Malay Culture.


To make the learning of Malay Language more meaningful and engaging.

Focus & Trust

Thrust 1: Academic Excellence
- Quality passes
Focus     :
- Oral and Comprehension

Thrust 2: Character Development
- Participating in competitions
Focus    :
- Racial harmony & Cultural Diversity
- Developing Interpersonal Skills

Still holding on tight with the 2Cs – Conversational & Confidence, 

Malay Language pupils will be exposed with activities that will challenge their creativity and self-expression.                          
These activities are lined-up to broaden their experiences, provide a greater understanding of the language and strengthen their communication & oratorical skills with much confidence. 
Pupils are actively engaged in their own e-learning platform where there are revisions and forums available. 

    • P1 / P2    Speech and Drama 
    • P2 –P4    Audio Acting Course 
    • P3 / P4    Language Camp
    • P4            Learning Journey 
    • P5 & P6   Educational Trip to Brunei

The objective of the trip was to provide an enriching experience of culture and learning, where the pupils are able to engage their minds, hands and heart. 

Our pupils have definitely benefitted from the various learning activities, but what made the trip most memorable was their interaction and the quality time spent with the old folks from local old folks home in Brunei. The experience has taught them to be compassionate, caring and selfless individuals. Thus, our pupils, together with the help of their Malay Language teachers and parents had collected and  donate to $252, to Seria Old Folks Home. We hope that the old folks home will greatly benefit from the contribution made possible by our pupils.  

Enrichment Programme



Enrichment Programme 

No of  pupils (each session)

Time Frame


To create awareness and motivate pupils in learning Malay Language in a creative way.

Language Camp


Term 3



Pupils to express themselves without stage fright & build up on their self esteem and be able to project their voice better.

Dialogue based conversations, intonation, expressions& articulation of words

Audio Acting Course


Term 3



To create awareness in Malay culture and tradition.

School immersion and exchange programme.

Educational trip to Brunei / Bandar Seri Begawan


Term 1

Monday to Wednesday


CFLT Pte Ltd


Voice projection

Speech and Drama


Term 3

Other Programmes:

  • Elearn CyberMelayu platform
  • Remedial classes for P2 to P6
  • Reading and conversing (library period)
  • Deeparaya Celebrations

Games/ Activity based learning for pupils

ML Pic 1 ML Pic 2

Promotion of Malay Culture and Values

ML Pic 3ML Pic 4

Brunei Trip

ML Brunei Trip 1ML Brunei Trip 5ML Brunei Trip 6ML Brunei Trip 7ML Brunei Trip 8