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Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Mission: Nurturing Future-Ready Responsible Digital Citizens 

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Reasons Why Technology Enhances Learning

    • Our children grew up using technology (vs adults who adopted & adapted to technology). Most children experience joy and become more attentive/engaged when using technology.
    • Technology provides instant feedback and individual attention.
    • Technology provides an individual learning companion which is engaging (animation & games) & motivating (allows multiple tries to overcome challenges to get higher scores/level up/power up/secret objects)
    • Allow your child to learn with technology but set up control & monitoring measures to keep her on-task, safe & focussed!

Key Department Programmes

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  • Learning of ICT baseline and enrichment skills
  • Learning through technology which provides personalized and instant feedback
  • Learning of basic robotics and coding aligned to national STEM initiatives
  • Learning of Cyber Wellness & Information Literacy skills
  • Partnership with Speak Good English Movement (SGEM) & Teevers Pte Ltd to organize the “National Moo-O Awards” Digital Story-Telling Competition

OLGC ICT Spiral Curriculum

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Baseline Module

Enrichment Module


  • Basic Computer Operations
  • Touch Typing using “Rapid Type” programme (available free on internet)
  • Create a single page report with clipart using MS Word 
  • Digital Story-Telling using Moo-O


  • Create a mini-booklet using MS Word

  • Digital Story-Telling using Moo-O


  • Create slides presentation using MS Powerpoint

  • Digital Story-Telling using Moo-O


  • Create slides presentation with multimedia elements using MS Powerpoint

  • Create a spreadsheet with formula using MS Excel


  • Create a brochure using MS Publisher

  • Recording of description & giving viewpoints after watching video clip


  • Video-Editing using Windows Movie Maker

  • Recording of description & giving viewpoints after watching video clip

All Levels

  •  Digital Music Modules

  • Technology-assisted PE Lessons Using Google Apps for collaborative learning

Important Information for Pupil

  1. Learning Management System (MC Online:  www.mconline.sg) ICT Picture 4
    • The LMS contains multimedia content covering all main subjects
      aligned to syllabus and access to Gmail & Google Apps
    • Pupils will benefit from self-paced learning modules, class-based
      learning activities and school assigned individual/collaborative
      tasks in a safe environment
    • Parents are encouraged to explore MC Online with your child
      and use the resources to help and support your child in learning
    • Pupils are to be equipped with “earphones with mics” for voice-
      recording assignments

  2. Typing Skills
    • Encourage your child to practice her typing skills so that she will be familiar with keys and functions and attain reasonable typing speed of 10-25 words/minute. (Online typing practice are found on the school website “LINKS”)

  3. Information Literacy
    • Develop your child to be a discerning information user
    • Use the National Library Board S.U.R.E* Strategy & Resources
      *( S ource, U nderstand, R esearch, E valuate)
    • Allow child to use the computer & internet for educational purposes

  4. Cyberwellness (“Be Smart, Kind & Useful Online”)
    ICT Cyberwellness Principles
           (Image courtesy of MOE, Singapore)
    • Educate your child about respecting self & others and not hurt others when posting online. Respect copyrights of internet material.
    • Regulate child’s use of mobile devices & internet use by setting parental controls and cultivating healthy browsing habits with strong self-discipline
    • Ensure vision care with regular rest breaks every 20-30 min
    • Coach & Cultivate your child to talk to you regarding their
      encounters and experiences on internet and technology use