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Chinese Language

The Chinese Language Department aims to develop our students to be conversant in Mandarin and to inculcate an appreciation for the Chinese culture through various programmes and activities. In alignment with our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) for Drama and Literary Arts (D’LitE), all Primary 1 to Primary 5 students attend different musical and drama productions yearly. Our Primary 1 and Primary 2 students attend an 8-hour speech and drama programme in Semester 1 and present a short performance for their fellow schoolmates at the end of the programme.

To enhance the various language skills, cultivate an appreciation for the Chinese Culture and further materialise the vision of our school and department, the Chinese Language department has arranged for the following programmes to extend our students’ learning:

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Games/ Activity based learning for students

Speech and Drama Programme

Language and Cultural Camp

Promotion of Chinese Culture and Values