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Character and Citizenship Education

In CHIJ OLGC, we hope to engage our students in the development of values, knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them become responsible and thinking so as to be Ladies of Character, Leaders for Tomorrow. 

We strongly believe that Character Education is a shared responsibility of all staff members, parents and external partners, such as trainers and coaches. Inherently, every teacher is also a CCE teacher and every teacher infuses the teaching of values in their respective subjects, CCA or through their daily interactions with students. With this shared belief and understanding, all staff members are also committed in partnering closely with community groups in character-building. 

Our school core values of Compassion, Humility, Integrity and Perseverance (CHIP) are part of our everyday language as they are promoted during our daily sharing and intentionally articulated by our staff and students. Growing in Grace Passport activities serve as family-bonding activities to further CHIP values at home.

Recognising the importance of enhancing relationships with peers and teachers to strengthen a culture of care, the Adopted Sisters Programme and Form Teacher Guidance Periods are an integral part of our character education.

Family spirit is key in OLGC. Sisterly bonds are developed through our Adopted Sisters’ Programme. Upper primary girls take the lead to guide their younger sisters in various school activities. Through these experiences, the students imbibe the virtues of love, compassion and humility

Students are also equipped with goal-setting skills using My Personal Goals Action Plan as they are reflect on the progress they make in achieving their academic and non-academic goals.

Student Well-Being

Various support programmes are also in place to provide the provision of care for the total well-being and development of our students. These support programmes include parent-teacher meetings, teacher-student conferencing sessions, various financial assistance schemes, special needs support and counselling support. These support programmes are headed by the Year Heads, School Administrative Team, Form Teachers, Senior School Counsellor and Allied Educators (Learning and Behavioural Support). 

CCE Curriculum

Our CCE programme aims to inculcate in our students *R3ICH values and equip them with the **five essential social-emotional (SE) competencies through the various key components – (1) CCE and FTGP lessons, (2) Education and Career Guidance (ECG), (3) Sexuality Education (SEd) – (P5 and P6), (4) National Education (NE), (5) Values-in-Action (VIA), (6) School Programmes – such as Assembly Programmes and Learning Journeys. 

(*R3ICH values: Respect, Resilience, Responsible, Integrity, Care and Harmony values.)
(**5 SE competencies: Self- awareness, Self-management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management and Responsible Decision Making)

Values In Action (VIA)

These are some of the school-based programmes carried out during CCE:

Primary 1 and 2 – Blessed to be a blessing

Finger Print Art Canvas (P4 to P6): to be given to the organisations that they worked with for VIA
Primary 3 and 4 – Care for the environment 

Upcycling project : Students will bring used items which can be upcycled to do their part for the environment
Primary 5 and 6 – Care for the community 

Service learning through the head-heart-hand approach