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Message from Principal

Dear Parents, guardians and well-wishers,

Welcome to CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel website!

As we begin a new year, I would like to wish one and all a very Happy, Peaceful and Healthy New Year.

We welcome all our new P1 parents and guardians.  We believe in working closely with parents to nurture our children in their 6 years of primary school education.  Every child is a special gift from God and precious in His eyes.  Being an IJ school, we hold close to our hearts the spirit and vision of our Founder, Blessed Nicolas Barre’ as we aim to nurture our children holistically who will grow to love, respect and appreciate what the home, school and society have invested in them.  Our 2017 theme this year is:

Living the IJ Spirit, Serving with Love and Joy, Courage to Make a Difference

Indeed we would like our girls to have joy in their learning and to be creative in their thinking. This theme is in line with the call of our Education Minister, Mr Ng Chee Meng to promote the Joy for Learning, to encourage Entrepreneurial Dare and to strengthen the Singapore Spirit in all our schools.

We aim to groom our children to be gracious young ladies, equipped with 21st century skills of being leaders who are Global, Resilient, Aware, Confident and Enterprising as in our vision to produce Ladies of GRACE and Character, Leaders of the Future. Our Learning for Life programme,  envision our pupils to be PROActive Leaders who take Pride in themselves, their work and school, Responsibility in building their character, Ownership of their learning and responsibilities and taking up an Active role to lead their school and to serve their community within and beyond school.  We want our girls to serve with Compassion and Humility and to lead with Integrity and Perseverance, our core values of the school, aligned to the IJ mission of promoting truth, justice, freedom and love in a Christ-centred school community.  

To create a nurturing relationship among the pupils, we provide opportunities for our girls to bond with the more senior girls as well as the alumnae, or former girls who return to the school to support the school through various events. Workshops are organized for our girls with the aim of inculcating lifeskills, good study habits and staying focused to achieve their goals as our girls are equipped with goal setting skills using My Personal Goals Action Plan.  Pupils reflect on the progress they make in achieving their academic and non-academic goals.

The school is undergoing the PERI upgrading project and a new four-storey block will be built on the grass patch next to the netball court. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of this year.  The school hall will be made more conducive for our children to perform on stage and the gymnastic hall will be refurbished so that it will have proper sports flooring and toilets attached.  The school will also be finally equipped with lifts which will be a great help to staff and students who may need the support due to medical reasons. 

The major school events this year will be the National Moo-O Awards, Family Fun Day at the end of term 1 and a musical concert at the end of the year.  We look forward to your strong support for your children as they contribute to these special programmes.

The school is blessed with an ever committed Parent Support Group, comprising of the Mum’s and Dad’s Club. Our parents are indeed our great source of support, providing assistance in many activities and programmes of the school.  Our Alumnae members are supportive role models for our current pupils with their contribution in areas of school events and programmes. We thank Mrs Carol Leong for her unstinting support and for bringing together all mothers in the Mum’s Club to support the school in numerous fund raising and school based projects. We thank Mrs Elaine Ng, for taking over this year as the chair of the Mums’ Club and Mr Nasen Xavier Thiagarajan, for leading the parents in the Dads’ Club as Chairperson of the club. We also thank our lovely school Chaplain, Mrs Clare Leong for leading in the spiritual development for our children together with our Catholic parents. Special mention of grateful thanks goes to Mr Bryan Ong, who has been our ever ready photographer for our many school events. 

The past year has been an exciting year of significant events which will be etched in our memories as Singaporeans, for every girl in OLGC, she will also look back at the year with exciting memories of her time in school where our teachers endeavour to make the learning for our children fun and happy experiences. In turn, we will like our children to be able to make others happy as well. We encourage our parents to work with our teachers to make learning enjoyable for our children. 

We thank our former Cluster Superintendent, Mdm Sim Siew Tin for her strong support for OLGC, which is part of the S1 Cluster of schools.  We welcome our new Cluster Superintendent, Mr Tan Yap Kin in 2017.   We are also grateful for the staunch support and prayers by the IJ sisters and IJ Board of Management for every IJ school. We are also happy to announce that the new Supervisor for the IJ Schools is Ms Lam Ai Leen, former Principal of CHIJ Katong Secondary. 

Thank you to one and all for your continued interest and support for our school.

Thank you for your encouragement, generosity and support as we guide our girls to 
Live the IJ Spirit, Serve with love and Joy and the Courage to make a difference. 

May God Bless you and your families with peace, joy and good health always.

Warmest Regards

Mrs Catherine Seah
CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel